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Video Converter Android

Video converters used to be a “heavy” sort of software back in the 2000s. They required powerful PCs stuffed with modern hardware, and still, the work took long, sometimes intolerably long. Now the situation has changed, and you can convert your videos on your mobile device, strong enough for that work. All you need for that is a right sort of app.

Video Converter Android (VidCon for short) is just that kind of app. It hasn’t been updated since March 2016, as the developers concentrated their efforts on a newer edition for newer devices. So VidCon is the perfect choice for old devices, and about 10 million users agree with that.

Functionality 3,5/5.

As you run it for the first time you get a notification that your device may have no codecs necessary for correct work. Thanks to the developer, there’s an immediate invitation to install ARMv7 Neon VidCon codecs from Google Play.

Unfortunately, the built-in file browser is not the kind we’d like. There is an option of scanning your memory and only displaying convertible video files, but it’s not shown on the first page. The file browser allows renaming, removing or copying files. You can also select the output folder.

Well, as we finally get to encoding, the app shows its features. Profiles it offers include Reduce Size (if you need a smaller video), Keep Quality, Audio Only or manual parameters selection. Supported output formats include 3gp, MP4, AVI, VOB and MPG. Input formats list is much richer and included almost all of the popular video formats. In Manual mode, you can select output resolution, audio and video bitrate and FPS.

It took about 50 minutes to convert a 300 MB MP4 file into AVI at 1024*768 on a 2013 tablet based on Snapdragon 600 and equipped with 2 GB RAM. The estimated time changed during the process constantly, but not critically. Of course, fresher devices will do the work quicker.

The converted videos are opened by default video player or MX Player quite correctly. The only thing you should be warned about is size. As you select the output definition, the ratio should be the same as in the original video.

As the estimation can be approximate, you should have a bit more of free space in your memory than the app suggests. Even if you intend to remove the sources after the conversion, lack of memory can slow down the process.

Design 3/5

The app seems to consist of pure functionality, so no attention has been paid to design at all. We don’t think it’s so bad. Anyway, it’s the video you should look at and care about, not the app you used to convert it. But still, the design lacks style and comfort.

But for those who used to start converting video with utilities like VirtualDub, the interface will look familiar. A pure idea, with nothing to distract. Besides that, these visual elements would require some CPU power, and this app is meant for devices lacking performance.

Usability 4,5/5

The only thing the app truly lacks is translations. Even if the default language of your device is different from English, you’ll still get the English interface. Well, we guess, if you’re reading this now, that should be no problem to you.

The rest is quite fine, considering the simplicity we mentioned in the paragraph above. The app is easy to make out if you mind the menus below and let the app scan your memory for videos. Converting options are clear, there’s simply nowhere to get lost.

The process may seem a bit slower than your device can. OK, there’s a newer version that makes more use of multi-core CPUs and large RAMs. Consider installing it instead. But if your device is not one of the latest and the most productive ones, you better stick to this version.

Cross-platform use 5/5

The developer informs us in the description and a splash window at the first launch that there is a newer version (v2) you should install if your device supports it. Yes, it makes sense because newer version offers better performance and does the work quicker. Yet the one we review is compatible with older hardware. And with older software. The Android version required by VidCon is 2.3 – no typo, we mean Gingerbread. So if you still use a smartphone of tablet manufactured in 2013 or earlier, Video Converter Android is the one you need. Of course, there’s nothing to using it on new flagships.

Still, there have been reported issues with compatibility. Sometimes the app doesn’t work on some certain Android versions on some devices, though it worked on the same devices before Android updating. These issues are not predictable and logical, each user runs into them individually.

In-app purchases

The basic version of Video Converter Android is free. But it has some limitations. Well, you can convert low definition files (today’s low definition is still higher than official DV specifications and includes options up to 1024*768), but if you want to get HD or Full HD at the output, you’ll have to buy a Pro version for just $0.99. It will also remove ads.


This video converter for Android, free and easy, is the perfect solution for old devices. It just does its job and shows some ads, that’s it. The point is that it’s optimized for old single-core devices with limited performance. On newer devices, the app will not increase the productivity due to poor multi-core support. So stick to this if you really want to do video conversion on your antique phone or tablet.

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If for some reason you stick to your old phone or tablet, this video converter may be your perfect choice, but there are better options for newer hardware.

Pros : Works well on slow old devices;
Correct video output;
Functional file browser included;
Built-in audio extraction;
Supports most popular formats.

Cons : Works slower on modern fast devices as it doesn’t make full use of multicore CPUs and large RAM;
Only available in English;
Some compatibility issues with newer devices;
Strictly functional design.

Functionality 3.5

Design 3.0

Usability 4.5

Cross-platform use 5.0

Average : 4.0

Video Converter Android Version History

  • Video Converter Android v. for Android 2.3.2+ Feb. 29, 2016
  • Video Converter Android v.1.5.8 for Android 2.0+ May. 10, 2015
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